Recognized by the WHO (World Health Organization) for its effectiveness, Ayurveda, India’s science of natural medicine, is rooted in a tradition dating back 5000 years.


These legendary treatments were once reserved for the ruling classes, for the maharajas or maharanis, but today at the Domaine de Capoue you can experience them exactly as they were practiced then, in keeping with Indian traditions, pure and unaltered, in a truly extraordinary environment.

Both a sacred Art, and yet also a Science, known and practised by Indian sages : even 3000 years ago they were studying the atomic origin of matter and how it manifests itself in the human body. We are the first generation to benefit from this unique knowledge, which has been, until now, only passed down from master to student.

These treatments, which benefit both body and mind, are designed to relieve stresses and strains, and to help you rediscover your appetite for living.

Regenerating, relaxing and soothing, these treatments help eliminate toxins from the body, some of which may have been present for years and some whose cause is now unknown. Not only beneficial for cells and tissues, the treatments also help boost energy levels and enhance emotional well-being. By reinforcing the basic structures, they create an inner strength that enables you to face life’s problems with equanimity. Ayurvedic therapy is a philosophy, meditation, psychotherapy and so much more…