Building Work

Begun in 2000, this unusual and complex project is almost complete. It has required a wide range of specialist skills and a great deal of time and effort to overcome the many administrative challenges.


1st phase

The search for the right location, which would meet a long list of detailed specifications. Three regions with a good record of sunshine were the subject of in-depth research, including the DrĂ´me.

2nd phase

The appointment of a Dutch Architect, specializing in environmental concerns, to ensure that the site would be protected from any work that might be too aggressive and which might undermine the existing eco-system.

3rd phase

The building of the infrastructure, the creation of a mountain lake (to act as a protection against fire), the restoration of the light aircraft runway (for alpine flights), and the channelling of the spring water to meet required standards.

4th phase

The creation of an ecological sewerage system. The installation of the remaining services was finally completed in the second half of 2008. The renovation of the buildings is now in progress. The first farmhouse, Le Mas des Clochettes, is opened to guests.