A well-kept secret

Once upon a time… there was a 17th century hamlet in Escoulin, Drôme, the Domaine de Capoue aux Maillets, which nestled in the heart of 400 hectares of countryside. Here, away from prying eyes, and far from the hustle and bustle of everyday life, the untamed branches of broom, lavender and pine stretch out under an azure sky.

One hour’s drive from Valence, on the Paris-Marseille road, the Domaine de Capoue is bordered to the north by the largest natural park in France, the Parc de Vercors (covering 150,000 hectares), and to the south, by Provence.

In a pollution-free environment, the Domaine de Capoue offers more than 22 kms of private, marked trails that wind their way through hillsides heavy with the scent of wild thyme, bursting with rare fauna and flora.

Round every bend lies a ruin, a stream, a lake or an old farmhouse; during the day, this verdant landscape is alive with vibrant colours, and, as the sun goes down, the air is filled with the sounds of butterflies, dragonflies and golden beetles dancing on the balmy summer breeze…

It is a perfect location for a relaxing, sunny break in the countryside, or for energetic hikers who wish to set out at dawn to conquer the Bec Pointu