GDV Camera

Bio-electrographic GDV (Gas Discharge Visualization) Camera by Professor Konstantin Korotkov

A new scientific technique, used as a medical diagnostic tool in Russia

This technology, which is the result of several years’ work, has been developed by a team from St Petersburg State Technical University in Russia, headed by Professor Konstantin Korotkov, a renowned researcher, author and co-author of more than 200 publications in international scientific journals.

The GDV Camera allows us to assess how the body is reacting to its environment by measuring the emission of photons and electrons, which are visible as a gaseous discharge or ‘aura’. This type of imaging gives us information about the body’s levels of energy, whereas traditional imaging only shows us the organic or cellular structures.

The shape and location of the aura, created by gases secreted through the skin, provides valuable information about the physical and psychological well-being of the subject. Variations in the energy field can be viewed in real time, as the energy patterns are translated into a computerised model.

Recently, the Russian Ministry of Sport decided to use the GDV camera to assist in preparing their athletes for the Olympic Games, as it can help to assess levels of concentration and mental strength.

Reference :
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